Offshore in the press (dutch)

This week there is an article on India and offshore development IT services in the Intermediar. The magazine has not discovered the Balkan yet but the article is still interesting to read.

Nearshoring: Looking closer to home

Yet another article about nearshore vs. offshore outsourcing.

..."The offshore centres rarely provide vertical expertise," says Virdi. "I would say the nearshore players provide vertical expertise in general better than the offshore ones."..


...Companies will find cost reduction less of an advantage when working in nearshore operations, says Virdi. Project costs are still much lower than in the UK, but it may be difficult for nearshoring operations to match the very low labour costs that can be found in areas such as India and China. The trade-off between cost and the sophistication of the services available is clear...

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Meeste ict-bedrijven denken na over offshoring

De ict-sector neemt het voortouw als het gaat om offshoring, het uitbesteden van werk in lagelonenlanden. India is onverminderd populair, maar Oost-Europese landen winnen terrein. Nearshoring heeft zo z’n voordelen. Kostenbesparing is de belangrijkste reden voor het verplaatsen van arbeid, maar niet al het werk kan in het buitenland worden verricht. Volgens de sector blijft er genoeg te doen voor de Nederlandse programmeur.
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Best Practices #3: Choose the right delivery model

According to the nature of the project, choose between different project delivery models:
  • Traditional onshore delivery

  • Combined onshore/offshore delivery

  • Complete offshore delivery

  • Activities, with high management and interaction requirements, like system specification or first time production deployment, are more suitable to be done onsite. Other activities, like development and testing, are suitable to be performed offsite. These tasks can be successfully performed by Levi9 Nearshore Development Centres.

    Our development team can function as an integral part of our clients IT department, or as completely independent team on project basis.

    Language skills in favor of nearshore development

    Language skills are one of the important success factors when outsourcing software development projects. According to this article, as the demand for offshore services for continental West European countries increases, India will lack, in the coming years, as much as 120,000 workers specialized in a non-English European languages.
    An advartage of the East European IT market is the availability of IT professionals speaking besides English, also French (Romania) and German (Hungary) language.

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