Are More CIOs Getting Fired?

As long as there have been CIOs, there have been people claiming that IT executives get fired a lot more than any of their C level colleagues. In the early '90s, some sharp-witted observer quipped that CIO was coming to stand for "Career Is Over." Conventional wisdom held that the average tenure of a CIO was 2.5 years.

IT outsourcing the way forward to cut costs

IT outsourcing will grow if the UK enters a recession, according to the HR chief at a provider that has boosted its takings this year. Barry Hoffman, HR director at Computacenter, said employers would increasingly look to third-party IT providers to cut costs.

Krapte arbeidsmarkt zorgt voor hogere beloning

ICT-bedrijven hebben meer moeite met het vinden van personeel dan andere bedrijfstakken. Meer dan de helft van de deelnemende bedrijven stemt de beloningen hierop af. Dit blijkt uit het Nationaal Beloningsonderzoek 2008.