Publications on Nearshoring, IT Outsourcing and Social Media

Nearshore and Agile Studies:

1. Agile and Nearshore - Formula to Successful Software Development (real-world examples)
2. Nearshoring to Eastern Europe as solution to the EU labor shortage
3. Nearshoring to Eastern Europe, Part II, Netherlands Country Overview
4. The Nearshore Study. What Defines the Nearshore Zone?
5. Agile and Nearshoring - Levi9 sets new standards in distributive software development
6. Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review - Nearshoring gains momentum

Countries Overviews:

Outsourcing Studies:

1. The Outsourcing Study. Emerging Opportunities in non-BRIC countries
2. Business Outsourcing Relationships Before and After the Global Economic Crisis
3. Offshoring Has Finally Reaches the C-Suite. Outsourcing Study
4. Report Overview. Top Security Trends for IT Outsourcing in 2009
5. Outsourcing - silver bullet for retailers during the recession

Cloud Computing

1. Cloud Computing Market in 2010