Blog Team

Bernhard van Oranje, founder of Nearshore Blog

Bernhard van Oranje, a distinguished IT entrepreneur, acclaimed expert on Nearshoring and frequent industry speaker found one of the first professional Nearshore IT service provider Levi9 Global Sourcing in 2001.

With the growing interest to Nearshore practice from businesses and outsourcing practitioners the need in comprehensive study and business analysis arose. To respond to this demand and raise the standard of knowledge in the field the Nearashore blog has been started in 2005.

Apart from business and blog duties Bernhard van Oranje is an acting chairman of prestige IT industry award in Netherlands “CIO of the Year” and a member of jury committee to Loey Award - leading industry mark in online entrepreneurship and advocacy. More about Bernhard

Sergey Lesnikov - IT Outsourcing expert and blog's editor

Industry observer, Blogger and Social Media expert Sergey is an author of Nearshore blog and manager of Nearshore Professionals Group on LinkedIn.

Through the wide-range of subjects, weekly news summaries and personal articles aims at providing a specialist means on the latest trends, developments in Nearshoreing and help business users and development managers to make the right choice for their sourcing strategy.

Sergey Lesnikov is the founder of IT Ukraine social initiative and an official web observer of the European Union Project "Support to the development of competitiveness of Ukrainian IT sector"

Works as a director of Internet Marketing and Social Media at Levi9 Ukraine. More about Sergey