CIO Nearshore trip in april

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Government Sector Outsourcing: Transforming Public Service with Outsourced IT Services

Government organizations are not too different from large corporate firms, in that, both have cost savings and operational efficiency as core objectives in carrying out their functions and mandates. It is with these objectives that governments are increasing their outsourcing and simultaneously its share of IT/ITeS spends... Read More

Why Near shore - the mitigation of business risks

During last years we have seen in practice that the nearshore outsourcing model provided a viable alternative between the desire to optimize application development and maintenance costs from one side and to reduce uncertainties and downstream risks of sending those activities to offshore providers from another. Geographical and cultural proximity, no time-zone difference, linguistic and scholar affinity and availability of strong IT skills inherent to nearshore locations allowed to develop intimate business relationships that translated into better communication and project management. While proximity and no visa hassles made it easier for project management to be more present in the project. As a result companies engaged in nearshore outsourcing model in many cases saw increased project management efficiency, better quality of output and less extra work.

From other side escalating uncertainties in traditional offshore locations, increasing costs and attrition levels combined with increased focus on vulnerability management and safety of corporate data have irreversibly changed customer delivery preferences to nearshore and sameshore options allowing those geographically closed destinations to profit from nearshoring advantages in their specific clusters based around clients in North America, Europe and Asia. According to recent surveys of global corporate executives, the top locations to operate with lowest downstream risks in 2009 were Central and Eastern Europe as well as Latin America, which are significant nearshoring destinations for US and West European customers respectively.

According to Black Box Research report uncertainties in offshore locations continue to escalate thereby strengthening focus on vulnerability management. Having service centers Nearshore and Sameshore will be a major client priority in outsourcing for next several years as clients will prefer to keep their data, process resources and account closer to where the business actually is.