Research Completed! Agile and Nearshore - Formula to Successful Software Development

"It's time for software professionals to stop sitting on the fence where agile is concerned.

Forrester Report 2009

Nearshore Blog is extremely pleased to present our new research work - "Agile and Nearshore - Formula to Successful Software Development".

The paper is accessible with this link and represents a great deal of our efforts aimed at giving a broad overview of Agile development methodologies and their practical appliance in commercial software development.

The study analyzes the history of Agile development, discusses the main changes occurred in commercial software sector over last years and presents real-world case-studies and successful implementation of Agile methodologies in conjunction with Nearshore delivery approaches.

The study features successful implementations of Agile for software product companies “Borland” and "OnGuard", large ICT multinationals “British Telecom” and professional ITO service providers “Levi9 Global Sourcing”.

We would like to draw your particular attention to the Levi9 case-study, being a commissioner of this research the company managed to successfully craft these two elements of successful software development into one robust approach! This approach allowed to develop exceptional solutions at a shorter time which in turn helped Levi9 customer to clinch the Award of Most Innovative IT Company 2011 in Netherlands.

Since this work represents first of its kind we'll be very pleased for your support and feedback!

Sincerely Yours - Nearshore Blog Team!

IT event in Netherlands not to be missed - Windows Azure Platform for success?

Levi9 Global Sourcing in conjunction with Microsoft Netherlands and Information Navigator to host a special event for Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

"Windows Azure platform for success?" is a key message of planned seminar and round table session to be held at Microsoft Netherlands facilities (Evert van de Beekstraat 354 1118 CZ Schiphol) on 10th of May 2011.

To register for seminar please visit our "Event page" or "Linkedin Events"

About Azure

Designed to support highly scalable and reliable applications, Windows Azure is Microsoft’s flagship cloud platform technology. Azure is ideal for developing and deploying high-performance applications, full-fledged web solutions and mission-critical systems.
Among the main benefits of Azure there are

  • Increased speed to value: accelerated development and deployment time by up to 70%
  • Lower costs: economies of scale through the shared use of cloud infrastructure
  • Improved Flexibility: scaling of computing and infrastructure resources exactly when it needed
  • Enhanced functionality: existing products can be expanded with cloud-based functionality or SaaS versions can be created
  • Modularity: consumption-based pricing and user-targeted functionality on demand

Levi9 - Your Guide to Cloud

Levi9, in close partnership with Microsoft and Information Navigator, one of the first in Netherlands started leveraging the Azure platform to help integrate cloud computing into hi-tech solutions and strategies.

Experienced specialists from the Microsoft, Information Navigator and Levi9 will present real-world experience building Cloud strategy to achieve desired business objectives.

Read more on the registration page.

KPMG Report - Ukraine New Emerging Outsourcing Destination

IT-BPO Scenario in the country

ICT, high-tech and consumer electronics are priority sectors of Ukraine’s national FDI
strategy. The ICT market has grown constantly during the last six years. Since 2000, Ukraine has become an attractive outosurcing destination in Eastern Europe providing software development services to clients in Western Europe and United States.

Today, Ukraine is the world’s fifth biggest IT services exporter and has the highest outsourcing market volume in Europe. The country’s IT sector demonstrates the fastest-growing rates and predicted to exceed 1 billion value in 2011.

The main outsourcing activity concentrated in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev and second-tier regional centers with population up to 1 million, such as Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa.

The respective KPMG IT Advisory Report, can be found here, gives an overview of the Ukrainian IT scenario and explores Lviv as an attractive ITO destination.

More information about the city of Lviv can be found in our special section EURO 2012 Journey by Ukrainian cities