What the doctor ordered, the Nearshore Hybrid model

by Jim Diorio, a partner at Venice Consulting Group.

One of the biggest ways to mitigate risk is to have a local team. A better way is to have a team of experienced, seasoned, senior professionals who facilitate all of the application design and management, and then ensure that any work done nearshore is done properly.
This is the heart of the new nearshore hybrid model. Local, US-based, senior consultants can directly interface with the client and address all requirement gathering, analysis, design and project management. This same team then manages a nearshore team at substantial cost savings to the client. The result is the cost benefit of going nearshore without the headaches seen with offshore projects --the process is typically completely transparent. Finding consultants who have been successfully delivering on this model for many years and have a proven track record of satisfied clients is critical. For many companies, the nearshore hybrid model may be just what the doctor ordered. Go to complete article.

The hybrid model is exactly what Levi9 Global Sourcing is offering to our European clients.