IT Outsourcing is set to growth in the second half of 2010

According to the industry experts IT outsourcing looks set to grow in popularity throughout the rest of the year.

This is the suggestion of a new report by IDC European Software and Services, which has predicted European IT services expenditure will grow in second half of 2010 and further in 2011, with IT outsourcing being the main driver behind this dynamic.

With stabilized IT budgets and easing of economic conditions businesses will begin to invest in IT project again. The study revealed the industry could record a growth rate of 2.2 per cent next year.

Laura Converso, research manager at IDC European Software and Services, said: "Demand for projects and outsourcing will pick up towards the second half of 2010."

She added that the need for IT services will be most prominent this year in the UK, Germany and the Nordic countries.

Patrick O’Brien, senior analyst at IT industry analyst Ovum, recently predicted a strong year for outsourcing IT as the economy emerges from recession.

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