Nearshore Study Part II. Netherlands - EU leader in IT innovation

Dear Readers,

The Nearshore Blog team is extremely pleased to announce about the completion of the second part of our "Nearshoring to Eastern Europe as a solution to the EU labor shortage" studies series. The work is almost finished, and the study is in the pipeline :)

Hot on the heels of welcoming reception of the first part of the studies "Germany - EU largest economy needs 400,000 high-tech specialists" we concentrated our investigative efforts on analyzing another European leader in IT sphere - the Netherlands yet native land for Nearshore blog!

The Dutch economy is among world leaders in innovative activity and highly relies on the hi-tech sector. From this point the ability of Dutch economy to supply businesses with highly-qualified resources seen as a crucial prerequisite for post-recession recovery and further economic growth.

With this in mind we dedicated the second part of our study on the potential of Dutch IT service market, its needs in terms of supply of highly-qualified IT specialists and current labor regulations and multiculturalism issues preventing Dutch businesses from immigration of foreign work and as a result possible slowdown in growth and post-recession recovery.

As a solution to the growing shortage of IT talent the study considers nearshore outsourcing and staff augmentation services from Eastern Europe.

The study paper is expected to be accessible within the weeks and Nearshore Blog is thankful for all your support and help!

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