Dutch IT Outsourcing landscape looks healthier in 2011

Overall, more Dutch companies began to adopt the outsourced software development at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, according to the research. Currently, non-outsourcing companies outnumber those that outsource their SD/IT by only 3.6%, while in 2010 non-outsourcers outnumbered outsourcers by 26.8%.

This excerpt from the key findings of the the Dutch IT Outsourcing (ITO) survey 2011 conducted by a UK-based research firm IT Sourcing Europe reveals an across-the-board trend in Netherlands - more Dutch companies began to source their software development or other elements of IT to nearhsore, sameshore and offshore providers comparing to the last year results.

The major trends reflected in the survey demonstrate that in 2011 the Dutch ITO landscape looks healthier and more mature compared to the 2010 indications.

While in 2010 the vast majority of the outsourcing companies partnered with their service providers via the traditional Offshore/Nearshore Development Centers (O/NDC) or fixed price projects, in 2011 there are more Dutch companies that tend to go with dedicated / virtual teams located nearshore to complete the projects (up 34% from 2010)

Overall, in 2010 the vast majority of the Dutch ITO buyers were somewhat satisfied with their ITO partners and service providers, while in 2011 the majority of outsourcers are very satisfied with their partners – up 20.4% from last year.

Levi9 confirms this trend achieving exceptional results with its key customers by delivering innovative solutions through its dedicated nearshore centers in Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. This year Levi9 partner OnGuard has won a prestige award of the “Most Innovative ICT Company 2011 in Netherlands”.

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