Communication is the Key in being succesfull in offshoring IT

The success of the communication plan depends on the development of customized communication streams that have the end objective of addressing key challenges, managing resistance to change and achieving stakeholder buy-in. Effective communication strategies comprise of both internal and external elements and are treated as a separate function with its own set of objectives, guidelines and tactics. This issue goes on to discuss the factors that an organization should consider when developing an effective communication strategy.

The key factors considered:
  • Communications Charter viz. communication scope, goals and issues, identifying/understanding the needs of each stakeholder group and the success imperatives for services globalization.

  • Communications Stakeholder Analysis viz. recognizing the roles of the various stakeholders, their interests, the relationship they share; also determining their information needs, expectations, etc

  • Communications Success Metrics viz. laying down measures (quantitative) to gauge the efficacy of the communications plan and its execution.
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