16 Ways IT Can Do Less with Less

Tough times call for tough measures. Layoffs and cutbacks are rampant. Even if your IT budget is relatively stable, you will probably be asked to do more with less. Read what CIO.com has to say about it.

Feel also free to call us and we will reduce your IT spend with over 30% without "doing less".

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Martin Barkey said...

Doing Less for Less is an option, and doing the Same for Less may be more interesting.

Right now, when out of pocket spendings and innovation are on hold, and (maintaining) employability (knowledge & experience) is crucial in order to excelerate when the marketdemand speeds up again, there are different ways for costcutting in a sound way.

I therefore proclaim that fixed and variable spendings for (personel, facilitating) assets, can be reduced up to 15% (and proven even higher) without effecting:
- the ongoing business(processes nor quality)
- labourmotivation.

Wouldn't that be great?

Martin Barkey

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