The 25 Most Dangerous Cities for Offshore Outsourcing

The pressure to reduce costs are increasing but where to outsource?
If you have an outsourcing contract for work in Bogota, Colombia, Bangkok, Thailand, or Johannesburg, South Africa, you should be aware that they rank as the riskiest offshore outsourcing destinations in the world. Locations in India and Brazil also made this inauspicious list. Where do you outsource?
After a year that saw terrorist attacks in Mumbai, kidnapping for profit in Mexico, and the unexpected meltdown of Satyam, one of India's biggest IT services firms, corporate America's cries for the CIO to get things done "better, faster, cheaper" offshore may begin to be drowned out by the more moderate mantra of today's outsourcing customer: "safer, more stable, more secure."
Eastern Europe is growing quite rapidly as the best destination.

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Matt said...

India got hammered in a flurry of articles and posts about “The 25 Most Dangerous...” birthed by the Wilson-Brown report. What happened?

India has been the destination for a long time. Sure wage pressures have been turning those mindlessly seeking the lowest expenses elsewhere… But India has been hot. A critical mass of its population is smart, adaptable, and ever ready to take on the hard programming and operations work that gushes in from around the world.

A critical mass of Western business influencers and decision-makers have had some difficulty, though, internalizing that cultural differences in India can materially influence the overall corporate risk pool when they are not effectively integrated into corporate risk management processes.

More on this topic at "Offshore Outsourcing — What Happened To India. "