Cio's embrace custom application development

As the recession eases, senior IT executives are shifting their focus from using
technology to reduce costs to using technology to drive revenue. At the same time,
improving customer service has become a pressing concern at the highest levels,
as companies are intent on maintaining relationships with profitable customers
and acquiring new ones. CIO magazine’s 2010 State of the CIO survey found that
managing customer relationships as a core function jumped to 34 percent from 18
percent the previous year.
CIOs are in an ideal position to help improve those relationships by implementing
IT solutions that can meet customers’ unique needs. This report focuses on how an
increasing number of organizations are using custom application development as a
means to enhance customer service with tailored solutions.
According to a poll conducted by IDG Research Services, nearly two-thirds of CIOs
and other senior executives surveyed listed improving customer satisfaction among
the top three factors driving the need for custom application development; they
also cited the need to differentiate their companies from competitors, and the
need to comply with regulations and industry mandates.

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