Keeping up with Nearshore expansion - regional sub-groups to our group in LinkedIn

Dear Readers,

As we've been written in our previous posts "it's time to Nearshore", it's time to explore the unique opportunities provided by the optimal outsourcing model which has become the result of years of researching and practicing by businesses and practitioners from around the globe.

Although Nearshoring has been mainly associated with the European continent we saw an astronomical emergence of the practice on the lands of Western Hemisphere. Where escalating uncertainties and regional threats of the main offshore destination combined with increased focus on vulnerability management and demand to keep data close have changed delivery preferences of US businesses towards nearshore and sameshore options.

Nowadays, Nearshoring is a main outsourcing buzzword in Latin America, the region considered to be the main nearshoring destination for US. Recently the region held a prestige ranking contest "The Nearshore Americas Power 50" naming the most influential Nearshore figures from 16 countries from Americas region.

All this confirms the expansion of the Nearshoring across the world borders which, we personally think is rather reasonable :)

That said, we'd like to introduce the regions sub-groups in our sister LinkedIn group "Nearshore Professionals". You're very welcome to join!

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