Introducing Country Profiles on Nearshore Blog

Dear Readers,

We're glad to announce the start of Country Profiles series on the pages of Nearshore Blog. The country profiles series include profiles of countries within the Central and Eastern European region with general information about the country, its economical and educational spheres as well as perspectives on provision of Nearshore IT services to Western European countries.

The series will be represented by the special sections "Nearshore destinations" tab on the right and upper menu on this blog as well as special articles, dedicated to each country.

With the growing Nearshoring trend and strengthening position of Central and Eastern European region at the global IT outsourcing arena the need in better information supply arose. The main objectives of the country profiles series is to provide sufficient information about IT outsourcing capabilities and latest developments in leading nearshoring destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Please see the country profiles sections to find out more about leading nearshore destinations.

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PetersOpinion said...

I notice Poland is indicated on the map as well, but the profile is lacking. In case you are looking for someone who could edit this profile, feel free to contact me. I know the outsourcing / nearshoring market in Poland very well.