The Tech Recovery of 2010 Is Underway

As it was predicted by leading research agencies 2-3Q of 2010 continued a strong tech recovery in US and Europe. In its latest IT market outlook Q2 leading industry researcher Forrester indicates the growth of global IT market at the 7.8% mark.

Software and computer equipment awill be the strongest categories, with PCs, peripherals, and storage equipment leading the computer category, and operating system software and applications setting the pace for software.

As a factors for such growth experts associate a better-than-expected performance in communications industry and overall good performance of the economies in US and major European countries. Globally, the tech market measured in US dollars will grow by 7%, with the somewhat weaker outlook for the US tech market offsetting slightly better performance in Europe and strong growth in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

As for forecast for 2011 experts caution with economic indicators. Unstable US currency, Greek debt crisis and fears of one spreading to Portugal, Spain, Italy might influence global economy. Andrew Bartel from Forrester research sees global and US economies will fall between extremes of strong growth or recession, growing weakly but not slipping back into recession.

In general forecast for IT market in 2011 is set on 7.4% mark. Data source - Forrester US And Global IT Market Outlook Q3.

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