Ukraine ranks 11 in the list of TOP100 outsourcing destinations by

According to the 2010 Global Services 100 list, Ukraine is 11th and Belarus is 13th among 20 leading countries in the area of IT Outsourcing and High Tech Services. The GS 100 list is annually compiled  by Global Services in association with NeoAdvisory, a consulting and advisory company.

This year more than 150 companies participated in the annual survey and analysis of the global ITO-BPO industry. The companies were asked to share detailed information through an online survey which contained over 200 data inputs and qualitative parameters. The GS 100 model for analysis includes such criteria as management excellence, customer maturity, global delivery maturity, and breadth of services portfolio.

According to Global Services, the top leading countries in IT-outsourcing by number of developers employed are: India (514,157 developers), Philippines (97,740 developers) and USA (42,808 developers). Ukraine is at 11th place with 5,816 employed developers, and Belarus is at 13th, with 4,534 developers. The number of developers is based on the data provided by the companies who opted to participate in the survey. The companies from USA and Canada form the majority of rating participants (37%), while 33% of the companies represent India, 9% are based in Europe, 9% in Latin America, 6% in China, and 5% are in Asia.

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